Pet Disaster Preparedness

Preparation is the best strategy for ensuring safety for your family during a disaster. Don't forget to include your pets in your plans. Here are a few steps you can take to prepare to care for your pets during an emergency:

  • Take your pets with you. If it is unsafe for you, it is unsafe for your pet. Remember that, depending on the emergency, you may not be allowed to return home for a period of time.
  • Find a safe place. Evacuation shelters may not accept pets (with the possible exception of service animals). Make arrangements ahead of time to ensure your pet has a safe place to stay.
  • Remember identification tags. Your pet should always be wearing identification. An identification tag may be your pet's ticket home. Visit your veterinarian to have your pet microchipped.
  • Have a plan in case you are not home. Make arrangements for a friend or neighbor to evacuate your pets. Make sure they have your work and cell phone numbers.
  • Know where local shelters are located. Should your pet become lost, start with the Orange County (OC) Animal Care Center. However, area shelters may become overburdened and may rely on a network of shelter options.
  • Assemble a portable pet disaster kit.

Your pets depend on you. Be prepared.