November 2018/January 2019

Field Services Program Overview

As mentioned in the previous CMAACC update, OCAC is examining methods by which to alter field and special services to offer additional cost savings to its contracting agencies.  OCAC Field Services Manager, Sean Fulton, provided an overview of OCAC field services from responding to calls to the intake of animals.  OCAC plans to present cost savings options to the group at the next meeting which is scheduled for February.

Quarterly Invoices

OCAC’s finance team presented an overview of the new quarterly invoice billing statement. The use of the revised billing statement began on July 1, 2018. The allocation logic remained the same as previous fiscal years.  More details related to services are provided for the City’s information.  CMAACC members found the presentation useful as a method to ensure that each city is billed correctly.

OCAC Shelter Program Overview

OCAC Director, Mike Kaviani, presented a program overview of OCAC shelter operations, which included other programs such as licensing, canvassing, rabies control, and emergency management.

Regarding licensing, Mr. Kaviani reported there are 137,671 current licenses which is a compliance rate of 48.2%.  Mr. Kaviani also reported that the national average for reference is 30%.  Eleven (11) positive rabies cases occurred within Orange County last year, with one case located in the City of Lake Forest.

Cost Regarding Intake of Animals

There was a discussion regarding the cost of animals that are picked up in a city other than which the animal is licensed.  OCAC staff confirmed that the city where the animal is picked up is billed for cost associated with intake and medical treatment if required.  A couple of CMAACC members suggested revisiting this topic, which Orange County Community Resources Director (“OCCR’”), Dylan Wright, stated he would present in much more detail at a future meeting.  Mr. Wright mentioned that it would be within the contract cities authority to change this billing methodology, if all members agreed. 

Calls for Services Regarding Coyotes

Several CMAACC members mentioned an increase in coyote activity within their city limits.  Staff has received five (5) Ask Lake Forest (ALF) requests in the past three months regarding coyotes.  Staff will continue to monitor the situation and provide any necessary updates to the CMMACC and City Council.

Staff will continue to update the City Council relative to OCAC operations.  Should the City Council have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (949) 461-3537.

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