January 2018

In 2016, Orange County Animal Care (“OCAC”) retained a consulting firm called JVR Shelter Strategies to review OCAC data to determine staffing and capacity needs for the new animal shelter. JVR Shelter Strategies is owned and operated by Dr. Jyothi Robertson, a veterinarian, who is board-qualified in Shelter Medicine. Dr. Robertson specializes in large-scale population dynamics, including outbreak management, infectious disease control, and shelter statistics. Prior to working with OCAC, Dr. Robertson completed a comprehensive review of the City of Irvine Animal Services. 

At the most recent meeting of the City Manager’s Association Animal Care Committee (“CMAAC”) meeting on January 29, 2018, Dr. Robertson provided staff with a general overview of OCAC’s Strategic Plan.  OCAC provided staff with a physical copy of the Executive Summary of its Strategic Plan which is attached for the City Council’s information (Attachment). The Executive Summary is divided into five strategic priorities: (1) Animal Care, Enrichment, and Placement, (2) Stakeholder Engagement and Marketing, (3) Culture and Organizational Development, (4) Fiscal Stewardship and Sustainability, and (5) New Shelter Preparation. 

Each section of the Executive Summary outlines specific goals and measures of success for the program.  According to the presentation provided by Dr. Robertson, these goals and measures are designed to ensure the program continues to improve care for each animal received at the new animal shelter and to specifically improve the live-release rate.  As noted by JVR Shelter Strategies in Strategic Priority 1, Goal #4, the live release rate for dogs is currently over 90%.  OCAC’s success measure is that the live release rate for dogs remain at this level.  Dr. Robertson is also recommending a success measure to increase the live release rate for cats by 5% each year, with a target live release rate of 85% by 2020.  Other aspects of the Strategic Plan highlighted in Dr. Robertson’s review included streamlining the adoption process, engaging volunteers, enhancing the organizational culture at OCAC, increasing licensing compliance to 60% by 2019, and engaging in efforts to streamline the opening of the new facility.

JVR currently is finalizing the OCAC Strategic Planning, which was not provided to staff.  Upon completion, OCAC plans to share the final report with its contract partners, the Orange County Board of Supervisors, and the community as part of outreach efforts.  OCAC plans to take the final version of the Strategic Plan to the Orange County Board of Supervisors later this fiscal year but did not specify a date.  At that time, the Orange County Board of Supervisors and members of the public will have the opportunity to comment on the recommendations.

OCAC anticipates that implementation of some of the proposed recommendations by JVR Shelter Strategies may require additional budget appropriations by the Orange County Board of Supervisors in the coming fiscal year.  However, given that OCAC does not have policy direction from the Orange County Board of Supervisors, the fiscal impact to the County and the contract cities has not yet been estimated.

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