Graffiti Removal

To report graffiti to the city, please register for an Ask Lake Forest account and submit incidents of graffiti through the app (photos appreciated).  Utilizing the Ask Lake Forest app helps in tracking requests.

The Maintenance Division in the Public Works Department is committed to ensuring an optimal quality of life by providing a safe, attractive and healthy community in which to live, work and play. Thus, the Division relies on a collaborative partnership with its citizenry and businesses to maintain the City's image by promptly removing graffiti. Prompt graffiti removal maintains the health, safety and welfare of the community.

City Policy

The Lake Forest City Council adopted Ordinance No. 225 amending the Lake Forest Municipal Code 6.14, Article II regarding graffiti and amending Article I regarding nuisances on February 15, 2011. This Chapter provides the City's policy of covering graffiti and determines if the placement of graffiti on public or private property is a public nuisance.  When graffiti has been determined to be removed by our contractor, the City attempts to have the graffiti removed within 24 hours of notification during working hours.  

Thus, the City has established a zero tolerance policy for graffiti vandalism. The City recognizes that its hard working residents do not deserve, or want to see, graffiti in their community. Therefore, Lake Forest Municipal Code Section 6.14.102 prohibits the placement of graffiti on both public and private property and declares any placement a public nuisance. Per California Government Code Section 38772, holding each person, including parents or guardians having custody of a minor, who places graffiti to be held accountable and liable for all costs in connection with the graffiti's removal, the City actively pursues restitution on behalf of its taxpayers for all graffiti vandalism within its jurisdiction.

City Property

The City only removes graffiti from the public right-of-way:
  • Curbs
  • Outside perimeter walls facing an arterial
  • Public walls
  • Sidewalks
  • Streets
  • Traffic Light Poles

Per City policy, graffiti is promptly removed. The City asks its residents not to paint over any graffiti areas, thus allowing our professional vendor company to match the existing colors.

County Property
Graffiti located on Orange County (OC) property or trails is removed by the appropriate County agencies: OC Parks, OC Public Works, and OC Flood Control.

  • Flood control basins
  • Flood control channels
  • Trails
  • Trail tread

These county agencies have routine weekly and biweekly routines to inspect and remove graffiti throughout Lake Forest. 

Submit a service request for OC Flood Control and OC Public Works through their website  Contact OC Parks via email at


Private Property

Graffiti located on private property or streets is removed by the homeowner's association, property homeowner, or utility company:
  • Automobiles
  • Driveways
  • Garages
  • Houses
  • Irrigation pedestals
  • Private streets
  • Property walls
  • Street light poles
  • Utility boxes

The homeowner is responsible for contacting his or her homeowner’s association for graffiti removal. The City’s Code Enforcement Division is available as a resource for assistance with the commencement of a nuisance abatement action.

For assistance with graffiti removal from private property, residents, homeowner’s associations, and utilities are eligible to use the City’s graffiti abatement contractor Superior Graffiti Solutions, at their own expense.

For assistance with victim restitution, please see the resources available through the Orange County Probation Department’s Victim Services.

How to Report Graffiti?

If you see someone spraying graffiti, call the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at (949) 770-6011 and provide as much detailed information as possible about the suspects and location.

The City has resources available for residents to report graffiti on public property. Residents can submit a request via Ask Lake Forest or call the Graffiti Hotline at (949) 461-3583   When possible, please submit a photo of the graffiti incident through Ask Lake Forest as this assists us with identification and location to verify that the graffiti is on public property versus private (utility, County of Orange, HOA, etc.) and having the graffiti removed promptly.

More than half of the City’s graffiti abatement requests are on private property. To report graffiti directly to the responsible outside agency, please reference the Utility Resource Guide (PDF) , see below:

Reference the City's Utility Resource Guide to identify utility equipment and expedite graffiti removal!

Utility Resource Guide

Outside Agency Graffiti Hotlines

Outside Agency Phone Number/Email
AT&T California (866) 243-6122
Email AT&T
Caltrans (949) 936-3500
County of Orange - 
Public Works/Flood Control
(714) 955-0200
County of Orange -
OC Parks
(714) 973-6865
Cox Communications (888) 566-7751

El Toro Water District (949) 837-0660

Irvine Ranch Water District (949) 453-5535

Municipal Water District of Southern California (213) 217-6000
Orange County Transportation 
Agency (Public Right-of-Way)
(714) 560-6282
Southern California Edison (866) 421-4688
Trabuco Canyon Water District (949) 858-0277

United States Postal Service (949) 837-1976