Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is charged with maintaining and improving the character, aesthetic quality and property values within the City by notifying property owners of conditions of violation observed on properties. The Division maintains and improves the City's residential and commercial neighborhoods through the enforcement of codes pertaining to such matters as public nuisances, property maintenance, zoning, building, health and safety, and signage.

Code Enforcement is an important component of a city's effort to improve, preserve, and maintain those qualities that residents and businesses find to be desirable or important. Working in conjunction with other departments in the City, Code Enforcement staff responds to requests for service from the community and maintains compliance with laws, regulations, and permits over which they have authority, in the process significantly improving the appearance of the community.

When a violation occurs, staff applies an education-based approach to assist residents and business owners in quickly resolving a violation and discouraging future violations. However, despite these efforts, violations inevitably occur. In situations where property/business owners fail to acknowledge the violation or initiate corrective measures in a reasonable time, Code Enforcement staff can respond with a variety of escalating enforcement options. These options can include:

  • the commencement of a nuisance abatement action
  • the issuance of Administrative Citations carrying fines that can range from $100 to $500
  • the filing of criminal or civil complaints in the Superior Court

Code Enforcement strives to be a resource to the public by fostering an understanding of code requirements, and by providing assistance and direction in navigating and successfully bridging neighborhood conflicts or other concerns. Other Code Enforcement information and resources can be found in Code Enforcement Officer Tips.