Green Home

Economic Voluntary Lake Forest Green Home Education Program - Save Green by Going Green

The City encourages homeowners and building professionals to incorporate green building design in construction activities through the use of "green" building materials. This can be accomplished by referencing the Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines and implementing green measures into a home remodeling project.

What Is Green Building?

Green buildings are sited, designed, constructed and operated to enhance the wellbeing of occupants, and to minimize negative impacts to the community and the natural environment.

The 5 components of green design are:

  • Implementing sustainable site planning
  • Safeguarding water and water efficiency
  • Ensuring energy efficiency and employing renewable energy
  • Using conservation of materials and resources
  • Providing indoor environmental quality

Benefits of Green Design

  • Improve Indoor Health
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Reduce Landfill Waste

5 Everyone Can do to Go Green

  • Improve air quality by painting with low or no volatile organic compound (VOC) paint.
  • Reduce water usage by planting drought-tolerant landscaping and modify irrigation systems accordingly.
  • Save energy by installing lower emittance (Low-E) windows and Energy Star appliances
  • Use recycled products such as engineered lumber, which utilizes recycled wood chips.
  • Use renewable resources such as bamboo flooring.