Expand The Forest

An Expand the Forest memorial tree is $90.

We are now accepting credit cards to pay for the Expand the Forest Program.  There is a service fee of 3.29%.  Register for a new account at eLakeForest.com

Since incorporation in December 1991, the City Council has supported a landscape improvement program called Expand the Forest. This program encourages citizen participation in tree planting and provides an opportunity for urban forest enhancement while minimizing the financial responsibility of the City.

An Information Handout under Application and Guides is available to help participants learn more about the program.

Participation and Application

An application is required for participants of the Expand the Forest program. The application includes a selected tree palette of approved trees and available parks. Note that each park is preplanned to accommodate specific tree types and locations, so not all types of trees will be available for all parks.

Submit an application indicating your tree and park preference, along with a check for $90 made out to "The City of Lake Forest." The fee includes a 15 gallon tree, location study, planting, staking, fertilization, and other maintenance as needed. A program coordinator is available to assist you in selecting a tree site.


Citizen sponsors will receive a formal Certificate of Dedication signed by the City Council. Names of sponsors, trees selected, planting locations and any pertinent dedication information will be published in The Leaflet newsletter.