New Neighborhoods

The City of Lake Forest has approved 5 new neighborhoods that are in the various phases of construction. The new neighborhoods include a mix of single-family homes, multi-family condominiums, and  family and senior affordable housing apartments. The following links provide more information about these new neighborhoods:  

  1. The Meadows (A 541-unit Single Family Neighborhood and an Affordable Senior Housing Project) 
  2. Mountain View (A 71-unit Affordable Housing Apartment Complex)
  3. Portola Center (A 868-unit Single Family and Multi-Family (Condominiums) Neighborhood and an affordable Senior Housing Apartment complex over Commercial Space)
  4. Serrano Summit (A 537-unit Single-Family and Multi-Family (Condominiums) Neighborhood)
  5. Teresina (An 85-unit Single Family Neighborhood)