Agendas and related materials are available online at least 72-hour prior to the scheduled meeting. The materials also are available for public review at the Office of the City Clerk. 

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Facebook Live 

The City is now live-streaming City Council meetings on Facebook Live.   Visit the Lake Forest Facebook page and look for the Live stream in the newsfeed to get started.

Successful Viewing Tips:

  • You may need to refresh your screen a few times to view the live meeting broadcast.
  • The supporting documents and Agenda can be found in the Agenda section below to allow you to see the scheduled presentations.
  • You can also find Video and Audio Recordings in the Agendas section.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION At city council meetings

NOTICE: Pursuant to Lake Forest Municipal Code Section 2.04.010, Regular Meetings of the City Council are held the First and Third Tuesday of each month at the hour of 5:30 p.m. for Closed Session matters, if required. The Public Session of the meeting shall commence at 6:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as possible. Special Meeting times may be held at a different time and date as listed on the Agenda.
AGENDA DOCUMENT REVIEW: The Agenda and staff reports are available on the Internet at and at the City Clerk’s Office, 100 Civic Center Drive, Lake Forest, California, on the Friday before the meeting on Tuesday.
 AGENDA DESCRIPTION: The Agenda descriptions are intended to give notice to members of the public of a general summary of items of business to be transacted or discussed. The listed Recommended Action represents staff’s recommendation. The City Council may take any action which it deems to be appropriate on the agenda item and is not limited in any way by the recommended action.
 AGENDA ON SOCIAL MEDIA: This meeting will be streamed through Facebook Live. Comments will not be taken via Facebook Live. The City provides the Facebook Live stream as an additional service to the public. However, the City cannot guarantee that its network and/or the site will be uninterrupted. The City is not responsible for any interrupted service.
 ASSEMBLY BILL 361: This meeting will occur in accordance with Government Code section 54953(e) et seq. (“AB 361”) wherein the City of Lake Forest City Council may continue to participate in meetings via teleconference.
PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: In addition to attending in person, pursuant to AB 361 members of the public may access the meeting live on our website at
PUBLIC COMMENT PRIOR TO THE MEETING: Members of the public may submit email comments to Email comments will be uploaded to the agenda packet and made part of the official public record of the meeting and will not be read at the meeting. To ensure staff reviews all comments prior to the City Council meeting, please submit email comments no later than 5:00 p.m. the day of the meeting.
PUBLIC COMMENT: Members of the public may provide comments in-person at the meeting or remotely. Those wishing to provide comments in-person at the meeting will be asked to submit a request to speak to the City Clerk. Those wishing to provide comments remotely shall go to Passcode 1004 or by phone at (312) 584-2401 and enter meeting number 5038350# followed by Passcode 1004#.

City Council Outside Agency Boards

Lake Forest City Council members represent residents’ interests and the City on a variety of outside agencies and commissions. The City Council makes the appointments annually.  View list of boards and link to agendas here.

General Plan Action Committee Agendas

The City of Lake Forest is revising its General Plan. View General Plan Action Committee (GPAC) information and agendas.