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Lake Forest Civic Center Open House Registration Form

  1. Civic Center Open House Registration

    The City of Lake Forest will host an open house for real estate licensees from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at its new Lake Forest Civic Center (100 Civic Center Dr., Lake Forest, CA, 92630).

    The open house will feature a tour of the Civic Center campus, which includes City Hall, the Clubhouse Senior Center, Performing Arts Center, and other facilities. 

    The City would like to give attendees more information about the campus and the services it provides. As well as inform them about what amenities are available to rent for their future meetings or events. 

    There will be a breakfast provided.

  2. You must be a real estate licensee to register for this event.

    Check the box if you would like to be contacted about future City events and meetings.

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