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Expand the Forest

  1. Expand the Forest Beautification Program

    Public Works Department | 100 Civic Center Dr. | Lake Forest, Ca 92630 | (949) 461 - 3493

  2. Applicant Information
  4. Note: Due to the health and wellbeing of the selected trees, plantings will occur only from October 1st though December 1st and March 1st through June 1st. Staff will contact you during this time frame. Dedication plaques are not allowed. 

  5. Location
  6. Disclaimer: If a planting date cannot be arranged, the tree(s) will be planted by the end of the planting period. 

  7. Type of Tree
  8. Dedication

    The City Council Certificate: The dedication and sponsor(s) information will appear on the City Council signed certificate mailed to you after the tree planting has occurred.

  9. (Example: In loving memory of John Doe, a great friend and co-worker) 

  10. Payment

    The cost of the Expand the Forest Program is $93.00/15 gallon tree. 

  11. If Paying by Check, Mail to:

    City of Lake Forest

    Expand the Forest Program

    100 Civic Center Dr.

    Lake Forest, CA 92630

  12. If Paying with Cash, Bring to:

    City of Lake Forest

    100 Civic Center Dr.

    Lake Forest, CA 92630

  13. If Paying by Credit Card

    Credit card payments are accepted through with a 3.29% service fee. Register for a new account through

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