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Clean Lake Forest 11/6/21

  1. Clean Lake Forest Event

    Thank you for registering for the Clean Lake Forest November 6, 2021, Event!

    Our goal is to beautify and unify the City of Lake Forest, together we can make a difference!

    The event will start at 8:45 a.m. with registration, opening remarks, and snacks at Serrano Creek Park (25101 Serrano Drive, Lake Forest). From there, volunteers will drive themselves to the location that they registered to clean-up. We will all return to Serrano Creek Park at 10:45 a.m. for lunch with our veterans, certificates from the Mayor, and closing remarks!  

    Please sign up for one of the following:

    • City Park Clean-up 
    • City Trail Clean-up
    • City Street Clean-up

    We will be spreading out throughout the city to clean as many areas as possible! Trash pickers, bags, and gloves will be provided for you.

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  4. Please sign up for only ONE of the following clean-ups.
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    Please note, we are unable to accommodate special meal requests.

  7. We are offering both kid and adult meals. Signify below how many of each meal you would like provided. 

    Please note, lunches are limited to one per volunteer.

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  9. If you already have a vest or a picker, we encourage you to reuse the supplies.
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