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City of Lake Forest SMS Sign Up

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    By checking the above box, you agree to be contacted by City of Lake Forest by phone, email or text/SMS even if your number is on a National or State Do Not Call List. In some cases, an automated dialing method may be used. Standard carrier and messages rates will apply. Your information is safe & secure and will only be used for the purpose of this inquiry.
  2. Notice
    Your address is not required in order to sign up to receive SMS messages from City of Lake Forest. By providing an address, you will be eligible to receive select location based communications for your area.
  3. Terms and Conditions
    “Opting In”, “Opt In” and “Opt-In” (or similar words or phrases) refer to requesting, joining, agreeing to, enrolling in, signing up for, acknowledging, or otherwise consenting to receive one or more recurring text messages (and participation in a Text Message Service), Outbound Telephone Calls and/or Emails. “Services” means, collectively, Emails, Outbound Telephone Calls and the Text Message Service. “Text Message Service” means any arrangement or situation in which "name of business or entity" sends (or indicates it may send, or receives a request that it send) one or more text messages (including recurring text messages). You authorize City of Lake Forest to use auto-dialer or non-auto-dialer technology to send text messages to the mobile phone number associated with your Opt In (e., the number listed on the Opt In form or instructions, or, if none, the number from which you send the Opt In, or, if none, the number on file for the account associated with your Opt In). You also authorize City of Lake Forest to include marketing content in any such messages.
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