Does the City require a permit for trimming or removal of eucalyptus trees?
The City has a vast quantity of beautiful eucalyptus trees and these trees are endangered by the presence of the eucalyptus longhorn borer beetle. The control of infestation by this beetle can be helped by regulating the maintenance of such trees in a healthy and nonhazardous condition through good arboricultural practices and by limiting the transportation and cutting of eucalyptus trees or logs between April 1 and October 31.

Between April 1 and October 31 of each year, a Eucalyptus Tree Cutting Permit is required to prune, cut branches from, top, or cut down any eucalyptus tree within the City or to transport on the City’s streets any logs, branches, or trunk of a eucalyptus tree.

Certain Homeowner’s Associations (Lake Forest Community Association, Lake Forest II Master Association and Serrano Park Community Association) have obtained an Annual Master Permit, which allows the association to regulate the trimming/cutting of eucalyptus trees in their jurisdictions. Residents in these Associations should contact their Associations and do not require a City permit. For questions, contact Amanda Lauffer at (949) 461-3491.

For a permit application and additional regulations, clickhere.

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