Management Services


100 Civic Center Drive
Lake Forest, CA 92630

(949) 282-5214

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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Channing, Brett Deputy City Manager (949) 461-3419  
de la Paz, Sharlyn Senior Public Safety Management Analyst (949) 282-5215  
McBratney, Doug Information Technology Manager (949) 461-3475  
Park, Glenn (Contract) Project Manager (949) 282-5226  
Cisneros, Shelly Human Resources Manager (949) 461-3544  
Toyooka, Mika Human Resources Technician 949-461-3566  
Volzke, Jonathan Communications and Marketing Manager (949) 282-5214  
Reyes, Alan Communications and Marketing Analyst 949-461-3457  
Humphrey, Sierra Project Specialist (949) 282-5202  
Shin, Simon GIS/Applications Analyst (949) 461-3446  
Houston, Nicole Management Assistant    
Gates, Nick Communications and Marketing Analyst    


Lake Forest, CA 92630

(949) 282-5214