Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


Lake Forest's proximity to natural parks and open space make it vulnerable to wildfires. And all of Southern California is earthquake country. It's not a matter of if a major disaster will strike, but when.  And when it does, it may take emergency responders as long as 72 hours to reach everyone who needs help.

That’s where the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) comes in. Lake Forest launched a CERT program earlier this year to train residents to fill the void in major emergencies until professionals arrive. CERT is national program, under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA.)

Lake Forest launched its CERT program in 2019. The City’s first CERT class “graduated” in March and the second in July. More than 50 residents have passed the training The CERT program includes eight hands-on classes delivered in 3-hour sessions:

  1. Emergency Preparedness
  2. Fire Safety
  3. Emergency Medical Operations I
  4. Emergency Medical Operations II
  5. Light Search and Rescue I
  6. CERT Organization
  7. Disaster Psychology/Terrorism
  8. Saturday Disaster Simulation/Exercise

If you are interested in joining CERT, please click here to fill out an application.