Nakase Property Project Proposal

Proposed Project Location

The 122-acre (ac) proposed Project site is located at 20261 Lake Forest Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630 (Assessor's Parcel Number [APN] 612-221-01) and is currently operating as Nakase Brothers Wholesale Nursery, an agricultural wholesale plant nursery. The proposed Project site is located in the north-central portion of Lake Forest in Orange County, California. The areas surrounding the proposed Project site consist of a mix of land uses, including commercial, office, open space, industrial, and residential uses. The proposed Project site is bounded on the northwest by Bake Parkway, on the northeast by Rancho Parkway, on the southeast by Serrano Creek Trail, and on the southwest by commercial, industrial, and office uses, with Dimension Drive beyond. Although not immediately adjacent to the proposed Project site, single-family and multifamily residential uses exist to the northwest, northeast, and south of the proposed Project site.

Proposed Project Description

The Nakase Property Area Plan would facilitate the development of the 122 ac proposed Project site as a master-planned community. Implementation of the Area Plan would include development of residential uses, a potential elementary school site, and over 28 acres of parks, open space, and habitat restoration area. While the Area Plan identifies the potential school site, the Saddleback Valley Unified School District will decide whether a school is required.

The Area Plan would establish guidelines for the future development of the planned community, which would consist of single-family residential units (contained in five distinct neighborhoods), affordable apartment units for senior citizens, an elementary school site, parks and open space, an internal circulation system, and a multipurpose water quality basin. The proposed Project would entitle development of up to 675 two- and three-story, single-family residential units on approximately 61.4 acres of the site. In order to meet the City's affordable housing policy as stipulated in the Housing Element (2014), up to 101 senior affordable housing units would be constructed on 3.9 acres in a two to three story building with an elevator. The units would be available for rent.

The proposed elementary school site would accommodate a school for approximately 800 to 1,000 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. The school site would be located on the northwestern portion of the proposed Project site, at the corner of Bake Parkway and Rancho Parkway.

Access to the proposed Project site would be provided at three proposed locations: two entries at Bake Parkway and one entry at Rancho Parkway. The two entries at Bake Parkway would line up with existing roads (Rancho Parkway South and Orchard Street).

Nakase Final EIR

The Final EIR for the Nakase Project scheduled for public hearing before the City Council at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, is now available for review. Hard copies of the document are available at the Lake Forest City Hall Community Development Department located at 25550 Commercentre Drive, Suite A, Lake Forest, CA 92630. 

Final EIR Volume 1

Final EIR Volume 2

Nakase Project Q&A

Draft Environmental Impact Report and Appendices

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Appendix A - ISNOP and Scoping Comment Letters

Appendix B - LESA Model Worksheets

Appendix C - Air Quality and Health Risk Assessment Reports

Appendix D - Biological Resources Technical Reports

Appendix E - Historic Resource Evaluation Report and Record Search Results

Appendix F - Geotechnical Evaluations

Appendix G - Greenhouse Gas Analysis

Appendix H - Hazards Reports

Appendix I - Hydrology and Water Quality Reports

Appendix J - Noise and Vibration Impact Analysis

Appendix K - Public Service and Utility Questionnaire Responses

Appendix L - Traffic Impact Analysis

Appendix M - Visual Analysis

Appendix N - Fiscal Impact Analysis

Appendix O - Tribal Consultation Correspondence