Find a Lost Pet

Local shelters like the Orange County Animal Care Center, Irvine Animal Care Center, and Mission Viejo Animal Shelter, post found pets' description and pictures on PetHarbor. To search for a lost pet (or to look for a pet to adopt), simply type in the city or zip code where you lost your pet and select all or a few of the local shelters. After answering a few questions about your lost pet, PetHarbor will provide you with pictures and descriptions of animals found in the area.

Tips for Finding a Lost Pet

  • Search the area thoroughly.
  • Call local animal shelters, veterinarians, and pet supply stores.
  • Visit local animal shelters and check local websites.
  • Post flyers and place ads in local newspapers.
  • Be safe. Do not include your name and address on flyers. Do not respond to "found pet" ads alone.
  • Don't give up! Pets have been known to find their way back home after being lost.

Tips to Protect Your Pets

  • Fence your yard and check it regularly for escape routes.
  • Leash your pets at all times.
  • Keep a collar on your pet that has an ID and current rabies tag.
  • Transport your pet in a carrier.
  • Consider a microchip implant.
  • Get some good photos of your pet.
  • Both males and females will be less likely to wander if they are spayed or neutered. An added benefit is that they will live a longer, happier, healthier life.

Visit Orange County Animal Care or PetHarbor for more information and resources.