The City of Lake Forest strives to promote an ethical environment based upon goals and ideals that we as a community value. Fostering an ethical environment involves promoting appropriate conduct and examination of issues through an ethical as well as a practical perspective. It is difficult to identify and address every possible scenario, but our goal is to inspire and motivate everyone to think and act ethically.

The proper operation of the City's government requires that public officials and employees:

  • Act as public servants by being courteous, impartial, honest, open, and responsible to the City's residents.
  • Act as fiduciaries entrusted with and responsible for the property and resources of the community.
  • Make governmental decisions and policies in the proper channels of the government structure, free of coercive or other improper influence.
  • Use their office and employment in the best interests of the City rather than for personal interests, whether their own interests or those of their family, friends, or business and political associates.

It is central to gaining and retaining the public's trust in the City's government that public servants seek to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Fulfilling one's role as public servant sometimes means sacrificing rather than gaining opportunities. Individuals, especially community leaders, must commit themselves to thinking and acting ethically.

Integrity in what we do and how it is done