Portola Center

On November 5, 2013, the City Council approved the development of Portola Center, located at the intersection of Saddleback Ranch Road and Glenn Ranch Road. Surrounded by natural beauty and designed to complement the existing Portola Hills community, initial grading for the Portola Center development began in Summer 2015. Glenn Ranch Road and Saddleback Ranch Road divide the project site into three different Planning Areas, named the Northwest, Northeast, and South Planning Areas. Questions regarding the Northwest and Northeast areas can be emailed to Nick Lee, Vice President, or asked by phone at (619) 985-6425). The South Planning area will be developed by Landsea and questions for this site can be directed to Brian Frame at (949) 345-8095.

The 195-acre Portola Center site will include:

  • 930 homes, including, 613 single-family homes and 317 multi-family units.
  • 10,000 square feet of commercial area.
  • A 5-acre public park with playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports fields.
  • New trails with exercise stations.
  • Three private neighborhood parks totaling more than ten acres, including one with a recreation center and swimming pool.
  • 44-plus acres of open space, including a 1.5 mile Perimeter Trail available to the public and adjacent private perimeter park with trail connections to Whiting Ranch Regional Park.


In an effort to conserve and reuse water resources, California-friendly trees and plants that require minimal maintenance and thrive in low water conditions will be planted throughout Portola Center. Sycamore, Mesquite, Western Redbud, Coast Live Oak trees, as well as shrubs such as Spreading Acacia, Dwarf Coyote Brush, Penstemon, and Rock Rose will be planted on project slopes and common areas such as parks and trails. Furthermore, the project complies with the City's Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance to limit water usage, as well as irrigates with reclaimed water to conserve and reuse water resources whenever possible.

Updated September 2016