Bounce House Policy

The City allows the use of bounce houses in conjunction with a picnic shelter rental at the following City parks with a permit:
-Concourse Park
-El Toro Park
-Mountain View Park
-Pittsford Park
-Rimgate Park

To obtain a bounce house permit, park users must reserve the picnic shelter at the desired park, complete and submit a Bounce House Permit Application at least 30 days prior to the event, and use a pre-approved bounce house vendor.  Park users are encouraged to reserve the picnic shelter prior to submitting the Bounce House Permit Application. 

Each pre-approved vendor has entered into a no-compensation agreement with the City and provided the required insurance documents.  The pre-approved bounce house vendors are listed below:

Contact Us

  1. Nicole Miller McDaniel

    Management Analyst
    Phone: (949) 461-3453

Pre-Approved Bounce House Vendors

Company Phone Number Website Approved Until
Joey Jumpers (714) 290-4018 January 26, 2021
Magic Jump Rentals Orange County (714) 465-5558 January 26, 2021

Helpful Documents

The companies listed here meet the minimum requirements, including proof of insurance.  Please note that vendor insurance may expire at any time and it is your responsibility to verify a vendor's insurance is current.  Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or recommendation by the City of Lake Forest.  The City assumes no responsibility for any related business transactions. 

Vendors requesting to be added to this list: Please call (949) 461-3437 or email Nicole Miller McDaniel, Management Analyst.