Posted on: April 9, 2017

2016 Community Satisfaction Survey Available Online

Every two years, the City conducts an independent scientifically-based survey to gauge the community’s satisfaction and priorities as they relate to City services and facilities. To improve overall reliability, the 2016 survey sampled over 700 residents drawn from registered voters in the City and 200 business owners and managers using a “mixed-methodology” approach. Unlike previous surveys that were conducted by phone, this year’s survey allowed participants to respond via email setting a new standard for future surveys.  

The survey highlights public opinion in regards to local issues and overall satisfaction with services such as public safety, planning and permitting, road and landscape maintenance, community preservation, recreation, and communications. The City uses this to drive strategic decisions in areas such as service improvements and enhancements, measuring and tracking internal performance, budgeting, and policy-making and planning. 

Here is a glimpse at a few important measurements taken during the survey: 

How satisfied are residents and businesses with our efforts to provide municipal services? 

A majority of residents (81%) and businesses (87%) are satisfied with our efforts to provide city services.

What are the top priorities for residents? 

Residents care about reducing traffic congestion (12%), limiting growth and development (11%), cleaning up/improving/rebuilding deteriorated areas (8%), and improving public safety (6%).

What are the top priorities for businesses? 

Businesses care about improving the business climate such as having fewer restrictions/regulations (6%), increasing business networking opportunities (6%), and reducing signage restrictions (4%).

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