Posted on: March 8, 2017

Dogs on Leashes Campaign, #RocktheLeashLF

Launched in early March, the Dogs on Leashes campaign is about education and raising awareness that all dogs must be on leashes at any city parks. With the exception of Barker Ranch Dog Park, dog owners must comply with leash laws when frequenting city parks. As part of the campaign, those caught obeying dog leash laws by a City representative will receive giveaway items such as dog treats as our way to say thank you! To reinforce the importance of keeping your dog on a leash, we want you to participate in our last community contest.

“Say It and Obey It” Leash Tips Contest

Deadline: Tuesday, May 30

Community members are encouraged to share a tip on how to train or manage their dog to be on a leash. Tips can be emailed to chon@lakeforestca.gov and will be compiled to be published in the July/August Leaflet magazine.

Questions about the contests can be directed to the Public Information Office at (949) 461-3547.

City Contest Webpage