District Elections

What do District Elections mean for Lake Forest?

Beginning with the November 2018 election, Lake Forest will elect members of the
City Council from individual districts, instead of by citywide vote. 

Upcoming Workshops

The City Council is asking for your help with this transition. You can draw a full citywide map of
proposed districts; request only one district around your neighborhood; or share your
thoughts on which plan you think the Council should approve. The City will hold four
public hearings and two community workshops for residents to learn about the district
election process, give input, and submit their own maps for Council’s consideration.

All meetings and workshops will start at 7:00 p.m. 

August 1stPublic Hearing #1City Hall
August 9thCommunity Workshop #1Location to be determined
August 17thCommunity Workshop #2Location to be determined
September 5th Public Hearing #2City Hall
October 3rdPublic Hearing #3City Hall
November 7thPublic Hearing #4City Hall

A District Election Website is coming soon. In the interim, you can find more information
by calling City Clerk Stephanie Smith at 461-3421.