Historical Timeline

City Council reviews schematic plans for Civic Center from Carrier Johnson and requests follow up presentation on floor plans for Civic Center buildings. 
City resumes negotiations with Irvine Ranch Water District to address the loss of 1.5 acres of buildable land at the Civic Center site.
City awards contracts for Construction Management (Bernards Bros.) and Architectural Design (Carrier Johnson + CULTURE) services.
City receives Fish and Game Code Section 1600 Streambed Alteration Agreement from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
City receives Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification from the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board.
Negotiations with Irvine Ranch Water District are suspended.
Army Corps of Engineers determines a Letter of Permission will not suffice and states the project now requires an Individual Permit.
City Council authorizes the release of RFPs for Architectural and Design services and Construction Management services.
Army Corps of Engineers indicates Civic Center project will qualify for a Letter of Permission.
City and Irvine Ranch Water District present Army Corps of Engineers with a revised Conceptual Plan which reduces the 9-acre buildable area by approximately 1.5 acres.
Staff requests authorization from the City Council to begin negotiations with Irvine Ranch Water District to amend the Development Agreement to address the reduction in net usable acres due to the Special Area Management Plan.
Army Corps of Engineers implements a new "Special Area Management Plan" for the San Diego Creek Watershed.
City and Irvine Ranch Water District jointly begins effort to obtain necessary regulatory permits.
City Council approves the Area Plan, Tentative Tract Map, and Environmental Impact Report for the Serrano Summit Development.
City develops a preliminary Conceptual Site Plan.
City Council affirms Planning Principles for the Project.
City accepts Offer of Dedication for the Civic Center site.