Permit Parking

The City's Residential Parking Management Policy is intended to address the impacts of overflow parking generated from a multi-family development. Permit parking manages and regulates residential on-street parking problems associated with high volume overflow parking. Although the City recognizes it is desirable to allow residents to park legally on any public street, it also acknowledges the inconvenience that long-term and repetitive parking has on the affected residents. The objective is to create equitable and fair usage of residential on-street parking areas. A residential permit parking program must meet certain criteria before it becomes eligible to be considered for approval by City Council. 
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For example, overflow vehicles from a multi-family development must occupy 75% of the frontage on a single family residential street during any consecutive 6-hour period, and field reviews must demonstrate that 30 or more single family detached homes, or 1,000 feet of residential street frontage could be affected. The City evaluates an area for a Residential Permit Parking Program only once in a 24-month period. Review the Permit Parking Policy (PDF) for more information.

​Temporary Permit Parking

To obtain a temporary parking permit for an eligible permit parking area, please complete an online application through elakeforest.

Permanent Permit Parking

To obtain a permanent parking permit for an eligible permit parking area, vehicles must be registered to a Lake Forest address within the parking restricted area. Permanent parking permits can be obtained through email or by visiting the Public Works Counter at City Hall. A copy of current DMV vehicle registration for each vehicle is required prior to the issuance of a permanent parking permit.