Project Budget

Public facility fees, paid by developers for each new housing unit built since 2011 will be the primary funding source for the Civic Center project, most likely allowing the City to pay for this project in cash (like the Sports Park).

The overall project budget will be determined based upon final design and will be updated on this page once available. At this juncture, the preliminary estimated cost of the project is designed in the range of $50 million to $60 million. The City has roughly $40 million saved through developer fees. The remaining total will come from fees associated with new residential developments. Please note these figures are estimates and are subject to change at any time during the project. The maintenance costs for the new Civic Center are anticipated to be covered by the budget currently allocated for lease payments on the existing City Hall facility. 
At this time, staff does not anticipate the need for a debt issuance to bridge the gap between when the funds are needed for the Civic Center and when the public facility fees are received by the City. Current cash flow projections based upon projected construction activity indicate the funds will be available during construction of the project.

Pre-Design activities have totaled approximately $400,000. Activities include conceptual planning services, financial analysis services, legal services, costs for permits and fees, and geotechnical services.


The 2015-2017 Capital Improvement Projects Budget includes $4.94 million for Civic Center design. Proposed design phase services provided by Carrier Johnson + CULTURE are budgeted at approximately $2.8 million while proposed design phase services provided by Bernards Bros. are budgeted at approximately $350,000.
The approved budget can accommodate additional design activities beyond those currently defined in the approved agreements. Additional activities may include exercising “self-help,” conducting a community survey, or authorizing additional technical assistance.