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The Lake Forest Civic Center Project will be a multi-year effort focused on the design and construction of the new Civic Center. We’re glad you’re here, because you are one of the key stakeholders in this project. This page will keep you updated on all the latest project news, as well as opportunities to participate in the planning and design process. We’ll be reaching out to you multiple times, in multiple ways, because your input and feedback is what will shape the final product. We hope you find the resources on this page useful, and if you’re ever unable to find what you’re looking for, please send us an email or give us a call. We look forward to working with you!
Civic Center Planning Principles
  • Reflect Lake Forest. Emphasize the pastoral landscape, natural topography, and unique history that set Lake Forest apart from its neighbors. 
  • Be a destination. Develop the Civic Center complex as a destination through site location, architecture, and landscaping. 
  • Provide new amenities. Prioritize services at the Civic Center currently unavailable to the community. 
  • Accommodate multiple uses. Design the Civic Center buildings and amenities to accommodate multiple uses whenever possible.
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Latest News

On September 20, the new Lake Forest Civic Center has reached another milestone with the recent City Council approval of the Schematic Design, which shows concept renderings of City Hall, the Community Center, the Policing Center, and a two-story parking structure. A schematic design focuses on the "big idea," providing drawings that help the community visualize the buildings and their relationships with each other. It shows the overall general floor plan, simple elevations, and 3D views of each building. 
Special Joint Meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Senior Advisory Board
The City held a special joint meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Senior Advisory Board on Thursday, October 20. The meeting provided the public an opportunity to solicit feedback regarding public spaces as laid out in the schematic design. The presentation included the review of major project milestones, the landscape master plan, the Senior Center, and the Community Center.   
Project Schedule
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Updated October 6, 2016