Services G - P

  1. Graffiti

    Reporting graffiti to the City.

  2. Housing

    Affordable Housing, Annual Reports, Fair Housing, First-Time Homebuyer Program, Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program, Neighborhood Pride Paint Program

  3. Human Resources & Employment

    Applicant Login, Employment Opportunities, Job Descriptions, Salaries, Subscribe to Job Announcements

  4. Maintenance

    Bees, Bus Shelters/Benches, Fees, Graffiti Removal, Landscaping, Parks, Potholes, Sidewalks, Storm Drains, Street Lights, Street Sweeping, Streets, Traffic Signals, Traffic Signs, Tree Maintenance

  5. Online Services

    eLakeForest, Park Facilities, Parking Ticket Payment, Recreation Registration

  6. Parks & Recreation

    Etnies Skatepark, Sports Park & Recreation Center, Leisure Times, Parks and Fields, Recreation Programs, Seniors, Teens, Youth Camps

  7. Passport

  8. Planning

    Application Forms, Fees, Housing Element, Maps, New Signage Regulations, Planning Documents, Recent Approvals

  9. Police Services

    Orange County Sheriff's Department, Alert OC, Business Watch, Crime Statistics, Fingerprinting, Massage Application, Neighborhood Watch, Shredding Program, Vacation Home Checks

  10. Public Records

  11. Public Relations

    City Publications, Press Releases, Special Studies, Website and Social Media Policies