Requests for Bids / Proposals / Qualifications

When the City has open Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Bids (RFBs), or Requests for Qualifications (RFQs), they will be on the Bids and Proposal page (click on the "Bids and Proposals" button below to be redirected). The documents include instructions for submitting proposals including deadlines and staff contact information. A summary sheet (PDF) is required as part of every RFP and RFB. Please note that submissions for RFPs that are restricted to the pre-qualified list will only be accepted from vendors on the pre-qualified list.
Plans and specifications and Plan Holder's list are available at the Santa Ana Blue Print (SABP) website at  Click here for a helpful guide for downloading the Plan Holder's list. Be sure to check the SABP website regularly as the list of Plan Holder's is updated. 
City of Lake Forest Purchasing Philosophy

Lake Forest Purchasing Philosophy (PDF) provides prospective vendors and other interested parties general information regarding the City’s procurement process. In summary Question and Answer format, the Purchasing Philosophy provides an overview of the City’s current vendor/consultant selection practices and explains the methods used to select vendors/ consultants.

Scope Comment Period

The City has implemented a "Comment Period" to allow an opportunity for interested vendors to provide comments on a draft project scope before the final Request for Proposal/Bids/Qualifications are published on the website. During this period, proposing firms will have seven (7) calendar days to review the scope and provide comments and clarifications. Once the comment period is closed, a project manager may opt to incorporate any of the comments into the final scope of work as appropriate. Subsequently, the project manager will post the final Request for Proposal/Bids/Qualifications online, at which time will also note the deadline for interested firms to submit a final proposal. Please note that the deadline for the comment period is not the deadline for interested firms to submit their final proposals.