Don't Make It Easy Program

Message from the Chief of Police

Lake Forest has long enjoyed the benefits of positive partnerships between Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the community, as well as a long-standing tradition of prioritizing public safety. I am pleased to report that over the past 10 years (2006-2015), Part I crimes (serious crimes) in the City declined by 15% providing Lake Forest with one of the lowest crime rates in the County. For more information about the City's Part I crimes rates, click here to be redirected. However, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. The most common crimes committed in the City are related to unsecured property where majority of these crimes are preventable. Taking a few simple steps such as locking your home or car door, keeping the garage closed, and removing valuable items from plain view are key to keeping yourself and your property safe.
We believe that through ongoing crime prevention education, citizens can take the right steps to keep their family, homes, and property safe. OCSD’s Don’t Make It Easy campaign is intended to encourage community members to take a few simple precautionary steps to protect themselves from crimes of opportunity. As part of this campaign, look for a number of fun and educational safety contests starting this fall.

Don't Make It Easy

“Don’t Make it Easy” is a crime prevention campaign created to send safety messages out to the public through visual images. Read more in this August 31, 2016 OC Register article. On August 16, 2016, a Crime Information Presentation was presented to the Council summarizing our findings and introducing community outreach efforts. As discussed in the presentation, most crimes that occur in Lake Forest are crimes of opportunity. There are simple things you can do to decrease the chance of becoming a victim of crime. We can tell you what we mean, but isn’t it easier if we just show you? Click on the images and watch the video below to see what we're talking about.

Community Contests

As part of the Don't Make It Easy campaign, the City has launched several community safety contests designed to raise awareness and remind residents about the fundamentals of crime prevention. The Home Security Checklist Challenge and the Burglar's Dream House Challenge offer fun and interactive challenges to engage community members and increase their home safety and security awareness.
Burglar's Dream House Challenge
Community members were invited to take the challenge and identify 13 problems that would allow an opportunistic thief easy access to the home seen in the image below. Over 130 people participated in the contests, and three lucky winners were randomly selected to receive safety prizes to help secure their homes. 
The answers to the Burglar's Dream House Challenge are:

  1. Open windows
  2. Open door
  3. Broken front door light
  4. Overflow trash bin
  5. Accumulation of newspapers
  6. Announcing travel on social media
  7. Keys visible from outside
  8. Open garage
  9. Unsecured bike
  10. Hedges and bushes not trimmed
  11. Overflow mailbox
  12. Ladder and garden tools not stored away
  13. Displaying empty boxes of valuable items

Take the Challenge

Take the Challenge
Home Security Checklist Challenge
Deadline: March 7, 2017
Build your home safety and security awareness with the Home Security Checklist Challenge. Click on the challenge button to get started. 

Raffle Drawing
Participants will be entered into a raffle drawing for a chance to win one of three safety prizes. First place winner will receive a Samsung Multi-Purpose Sensor, and second and third place winners will receive an iPad book covers to cover up their electronics. Winners will be notified on Thursday, March 9.  
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