Mandatory Commercial and Multi-Family Complex Recycling Law 

Assembly Bill 341 requires California to increase its diversion rate to 75% by 2020 and includes requirements for multi-family and businesses to recycle as of July 1, 2012. The City has been working with its waste hauler CR&R on developing recycling programs. For more information regarding Assembly Bill 341, visit CalRecycle.

For assistance in implementing a recycling program, please contact CR&R at (949) 625-6735. CR&R Commercial Recycling Brochure has some helpful information on recyclable items, green waste, bulky items, E-waste, and household hazardous waste.

Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling Program

Assembly Bill 1826 requires businesses to separate their food scraps and yard trimmings for recycling.  Restaurants, super markets, large venues, and food processors generate significant quantities of food waste.  Recycling and returning these organic materials to the soil drastically reduces the environmental impacts of landfills, reduces greenhouse gases, creates jobs, and helps sustain California’s agricultural industry. CR&R offers a Food Scrap Recycling collection service to assist business in complying with AB 1826.  For more information or to set up recycling services, contact CR&R at (949) 625-6735 and ask to speak to a Recycling Specialist.

Construction and Demolition Recycling Requirements

The California Building Code requires that all project applicants recycle 50% of waste generated for construction projects. Access the application.

Need to recycle something? Or Find a Reuse Location? 

Recyclable items can be placed in your recycling cart or bin.  The CR&R Residential Brochure contains information regarding the items that can be placed in the recycling containers.

Or, try Earth911. It's easy. Just type what type of product(s) or material(s) you have. If you have multiple items, place a comma between each item. Type in either your zip code or city and then select GO! Your search will provide drop-off center locations that accept the type of recycled goods you selected.
Handling Of Used Motor Oil, Automotive Filters and Household Hazardous Waste 

Everyone can help protect Orange County's natural resources by properly disposing of used oil by preventing oil from getting onto driveways, sidewalks, streets, and eventually discharging to the storm drain system. Use the link provided to access disposal sites for Used Oil, Automotive Filters, and Household Hazardous Waste products. Also, find out about "Stop & Swap" locations where you can drop-off or pick-up partially used home, garden and automotive care products. Just another why to help the environment.
Used Oil/Filter Disposal Sights
OC Waste and Recycling Locations
PaintCare Program: Recycle Your Paint

The PaintCare Program will make proper paint disposal more convenient for the public by setting up hundreds of new paint drop-off sites at retailers throughout the State. The non-profit will arrange for recycling and proper disposal of unused paint.  Please see the links provided for the nearest location within the Lake Forest area. 
Program Details and Locations 
What Products are Covered?
BigBelly Solar Trash Compactors

The Lake Forest Sports Park is a lot more green with four BigBelly containers! These trash compactors hold five times the amount of refuse compared to a normal waste receptacle. The containers are made possible due to grant funds from CalRecycle Beverage and Recycling Grant. 
Big Belly
 Pause Before You Chuck 'em-CDs, DVDs, and VHS

Recycling CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes and their cases and other no longer wanted items is easier than skipping to the next song. Click here to find out how!
Garbage Can Be A Beautiful Thing - Urban Composting

Composting is the decomposition of plant remains and other once-living materials to make an earthy, dark, crumbly substance that is excellent for adding to houseplants or enriching garden soil. It is the way to recycle your yard and kitchen food wastes, and is a critical step in reducing the volume of garbage needlessly sent to landfills for disposal.