Planning Commission

The City's Planning Commission is a decision-making body tasked with reviewing matters related to planning and development in the City. The Planning Commission consists of five members which are appointed by the City Council with Commissioners serving four-year terms.

Typical projects reviewed by the Planning Commission include applications for new development, proposed changes in zoning or the text of the Municipal Code, as well as review proposed subdivisions of land. The Planning Commission is also responsible for making recommendations to the City Council as to whether a project or action would be consistent with the General Plan.  For more information regarding the Planning Commission, see
Chapter 9.02  of the Lake Forest Municipal Code. 
Planning Commissioners
Chair, Jolene Fuentes
Term through December 2016

Vice-Chair, Thomas Ludden 
Term through December 2018

Commissioner, Mark Armando
Term through December 2016
Commissioner, Robert De Almeida
Term through December 2018
Commissioner, Jerry Verplancke 
Term through December 2018
Planning Commission 2016

Planning Commission Online Application

Apply Online
The City is currently accepting applications to serve on the Planning Commission. Applications must be submitted online and must received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 23, 2016. To get started, click on the Apply Online icon.