Currently Underway

The following projects are in design stages, under environmental review, or under construction:
Anticipated Completion Date
Alton Parkway Rehabilitation Project The project would resurface the asphalt and restripe Alton Parkway between Portola Parkway and Rancho Parkway South. The Construction contract is anticipated to be awarded to All American Asphalt in August 2016, with construction commencing in September. 

Alton Parkway Rehabilitation Project - Plans
Alton Parkway Rehabilitation Project - Specifications
May 2017
Citywide Traffic Signal Management The project develops and implements a traffic signal monitoring program, signal coordinating master plan, and performs average daily counts citywide. This project is currently in the implementation phase.  Summer 2017
Illuminated Street Name Sign Panel Replacement The project includes the replacement of deteriorated internally illuminated street name panels at traffic signal locations citywide. The multi-year project began July 2013 and will continue through 2016-2017 replacing 34 panels per year. The City's Traffic Signal Maintenance contractor is installing the illuminated street name panel.  Fall 2017
Portola Parkway Rehabilitation Project The project will resurface the asphalt and restripe Portola Parkway between Alton Parkway and El Toro Road. Project Plans and Specifications are available for review:

Portola Parkway Rehabilitation Project - Plans
Portola Parkway Rehabilitation Project - Specifications
Summer 2017
Sidewalk Repairs This annual program focuses on repairing damaged existing sidewalks at street and park locations throughout the City. Staff is currently addressing repairs of citywide sidewalk trip hazards. Annual
Street Light Installation at Various Locations This project investigates and installs streetlights  at various locations in the City is based on need, site conditions and requests by residents. Locations currently under investigations are Alton Pkwy at Odessa; Ridgeline Road at Richland Way; and the intersection of Islamare Lane and Overlake Drive. This project is currently in the design phase. Summer 2017
Street Sign Replacement This project replaces faded street signs citywide in phases until 2018, to meet new compliance requirements of the 2012 California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Currently, signs around schools will be updated by June 2015 and citywide by 2018. Summer 2018
Teed Street Storm Drain Improvement The project provides drainage improvements on Teed Street near Vesper Road. The City has contracted with Proactive Engineering for the design phase of the project. The project is expected to start in Spring 2016. Summer 2017
Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization (TSSP) Synchronization of traffic signals across multi-jurisdictional boundaries along the remaining three of eight major arterial roadways in the City listed below. Synchronized timing programs have been implemented at the three locations below. The City is preparing to initiate the monitoring and operation phase of the project.  Five of eight major arterials are already completed (refer to Recently Completed list).
1. Alton Parkway                                     
2. Bake Parkway                                       
3. Barranca/Muirlands                               
Summer 2017

Summer 2017
Summer 2017
Spring 2017  
Village Pond Park This project rehabilitates Village Pond Park with new landscaping, walkways, park amenities, and water quality improvements. The project design reduces the waterfowl population to a more sustainable number while improving the entire park experience.
Access the Village Pond Park webpage for all bids specifications, reports, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and more.
Early 2018